Alpha Omicron Pi

Leaders Council

Chapter President: Sarah Tang

"Hello there! I'm from Huntington Beach and am studying broadcasting, emphasis in television. My sisters took me to new places, taught me new things about life, helped me with my academics, and most importantly, became my support system and my home away from home. Being president has been a huge blessing and a privilege; I hope that my own growth as a person, a leader, and an AOII can inspire at least one other person to become a leader in their own way, to achieve what they once didn't think was possible."

Treasurer: Ariana Hibbard

"Hi there! My name is Ariana Hibbard, and I am from the beautiful state of Washington. I am currently studying computer science, and l really enjoy meeting other women in programming. I love AOII because it is my support system and the community that has shaped my college experience the most. AOII has definitely changed my life for the better."

Vice President of Chapter DevelopmentMayra Marchington

"Hi everyone! My name is Mayra Marchington and I am from Glendora, California. I am a biology major with a teaching concentration. I love my AOII sisters because they are all beautiful, intelligent, loving and accepting. It is an honor to be able to share with my sisters the heart of AOII through sisterhoods and ritual. The principles of AOII add more meaning to life that are not just applied during our collegiate years, but throughout our lifetime."

Vice President of Administration: Nicole Hernandez

"Hi there! My name is Nicole Hernandez. I am from South El Monte, and I'm attending La Verne for psychology. After graduation, I want to move out of California, work with kids and hopefully open my own business. Since joining AOII, I have gained a lot of sisters that I will cherish forever. By joining the Leader's Council, I can help keep track of the minutes and making sure everyone is kept in the loop of what's going on."


Vice President of Communications: Taylor Bolanos

"Hi there! My name is Taylor Bolanos. I am from Chino Hills and attend La Verne for journalism. After graduation, I hope to work for National Geographic as a writer and photographer. Becoming a member of AOII has changed my life. I have found lifelong sisters who always push me to achieve the best I can do. With my position on Leader's Council, I have the opportunity to showcase my amazing sisters and highlight what the Lambda Alpha sisterhood is all about."


Vice President of Recruitment: Amanda Alcorn

"Hey little darlings, my name is Amanda Alcorn. I am currently a senior business administration major from Pasadena. After college, I am planning to get a second degree for economics and eventually start my career as a insurance underwriter. I am currently the vice president of membership for AOII. I chose this office because see a small chapter with so much potential for greatness called to me. I wanted to go out and share this love with other potential sisters."

Vice President of  New Member Education: Kate Cruz

"Hi everyone!! My name is Kate. I am from Montclair and attend the University of La Verne for English. I am a junior and am looking forward to graduation in a few years and am excited to start teaching high school English. AOII has changed me in numerous ways, I am happy and fell extremely connected to my University as well as my sisters. Being on the Leadership Council is very new to me but I am excited to guide and nurture all these amazing new AOII’s, there is nothing better than being there to guide new sisters! Woohoo go Lambda Alpha!"


Vice President of External Operations: Genesis Lopez

"Hey guys, my name is Genesis Lopez. I am from La Puente, California. I am a kinesiology major and psychology minor. I am trying to become an Occupational Therapist for kids. I am so happy I joined ΑΟII because I have a group that I can call my sisters and go on fun and exciting adventures with. I'm excited to be a part of LC because it's going to be fun to come up with activities that will help us fundraise for our philanthropy."


Vice President of Internal Operations: Irene Lopez Fuentes

"Hi everyone! My name is Irene Lopez Fuentes. I am a senior creative writing major from Los Angeles, California. After I graduate, I intend to go to graduate school and get my Masters' in Fine Arts. AOII has given me some of the best friends I could ever ask for and has helped me grow as an individual. Scholarship is an important aspect of my life, just as it was an important pillar in the lives of our founders. I want to help my sisters balance academics and participation in the fraternity so that we are able to uphold the ideals that our founders set for us so many years ago."


Vice President of Standards: Ashley Hoffman

"Hi, everyone! My name is Ashley Hoffman, and I'm from Whittier, California. I attend the University of La Verne for legal studies and plan to be a paralegal. I would not trade my sisters for the world. I made the right choice because I am at home. I chose Standards because law is the profession I am pursuing, so there is no better position for me. I feel that through my position, I am helping girls uphold the standards AOII has set, bringing out the better parts of every woman in Lambda Alpha."


Historian: Morgan Craig

"Hello, my name is Morgan Craig. I am from Mira Loma, California! I am a psychology major with a focus on gerontology. I am so glad I joined AOII because I love having a group of wonderful girls to call my sisters. As the historian, I am able to capture all of the memories for the chapter to reminisce about."


Shelly Nishimura: Roseball Chair

"Hello all! My name is Shelly Nishimura, and I am from the island of Hawaii! I am currently a junior studying criminology in hopes of one day becoming a lawyer for elder abuse. I am so glad that I joined AOII. My sisters have given me the courage to get through my toughest college moments. I've recently had the honor of planning our most recent Roseball, and it was great to see everyone at an event that they could just focus on having fun. I am really glad I got to do something for my chapter."